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Makeup for Photography

YouTube Video of January Pics

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Makeup Pictures January 2011

Quick Tips - Brows

Quick Tip #1 - Brows...
When you're preparing for a big event, important pictures or your wedding day, one thing is very important...BROWS! Even if you've never thought about them before, don't be scared...nows the time. 
Here are my QUICK tips and reminders to make sure you have beautiful brows that frame your face and NOT a last minute disaster! 
1. Start early...think about them a few months ahead of a big event (wedding) or pictures so that you have time to grow them out and reshape if necessary. Ha! Yes, I said grow them out...
2. DON'T over-tweeze!
3. Ask for referrals. If you have them professionally shaped, get a recommendation and go EARLY!  This is too important to just go anywhere.
4. Do final shaping (tweezing or waxing as needed) at least 3 days before your big event...this will prevent redness and difficulties applying makeup to that area on the big day! 
5. Use a powder or brow pencil to fill in "patchy spots" on your brows and give them more defined shape.  Light srokes...Practice, Practice, Practice!! 
6. Dust with a transluscent powder over the top to soften the look of a brow pencil at the end. 
A nicely shaped brow will help complete your polished look for the day!!  Let me know how it goes!!! What questions do you have?

Makeup for Pictures

So excited to be adding some new pictures tonight to the website!!!  Thank you to my model Nikki who did a great job and here's to always following your instincts!!!!  As we were preparing Nikki to have some very natural looks done and pictures taken, something wasn't "feeling" right.  After we shot a few of the more "natural" shots, which I assumed was more in miss Nikki's character to begin with...I could tell something wasn't working.  We finished those shots and I moved to a more dramatic eye and a totally nude lip.  In addition, we completely took her hair to a totally UNnatural place to work with the eyes and lips.  After the look was done...miss Nikki (the model) was MORE comfortable...almost like she had a character to play in front of the camera.  The extra details in hair and makeup photographed better and our model was more at ease...these things combined produced some AMAZING new pictures!!!  2 LESSONS in makeup for photos here folks...
2. Don't forget...makeup for film and photography are NOT THE SAME as your makeup for everyday!!! 
Thanks for some great shots Nikki!!!