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All My Makeup and Beauty Babble

Bridal Makeup

Fall Bridal Makeup Pictures

Bridal Makeup in Davenport, Iowa
Wedding Party Makeup in the Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois
I had to share...check out some snapshots from one of my fall brides! I love this shot of Aimee checking herself in the mirror at the church! She looked stunning...
Makeup was done by me - Jessica Curtis
Hair was done by Jocelyn Murray
Here is a cute shot of Aimee with one of her bridesmaids! Love it!
Makeup was done by me - Jessica Curtis
Hair was done by Jocelyn Murray
Thanks for having me Aimee and crew!! :)

Bridal Beauty - One Week Countdown!

Here we go! One week until the big day!!  How should I make sure that my face is in it's best possible condition for my Wedding Day makeup!?!?! 
Here are my top Bridal Beauty DO's and DON'Ts for face... the week leading up to your wedding:
  1. DO take your makeup off and cleanse your face every night before bed!  Sleeping with your makeup on will only encourage that last-minute dreaded blemish to pop up!! Follow with your nightly skincare routine!
  2. DO get as much rest as possible...HAHAHAH!  I know.  But I have to say it!  Showing up on your wedding day COMPLETELY sleep deprived is the easiest way to make your skin look stressed. EEK!
  3. DO stay hydrated!!  Drink your 8 glasses of water a day! Dehydration can cause your skin to react in an unpleasant way AND can cause puffiness under the eyes! 
  4. DO have your brows shaped...**BUT**...USE caution!  see my DON'Ts on this below. This is touchy touchy.  Be sure to do this at the beginning of the week prior to the wedding.  You can always tweeze any last minute strays, but waxing or major shaping is BAD idea the day before or the day of the wedding!! 
  5. DO exfoliate your skin...but not more than twice!! Again...make sure to use one you've used before!!  This is not the week for experimenting. 
  6. DO arrive at your makeup appointment with a clean face! :)
  1. DON'T try new skincare the week of your wedding!!  AHHH!  Even if you've never been sensitive, this is not the week to try something new!  Want to treat yourself to some new fabulous skincare in preparation for your wedding???...AWESOME!  Just make sure to start it at LEAST a month prior to the big day! :)
  2. DON'T GO TO SOMEONE NEW FOR BROW SHAPING the week of the wedding!!!  I can't stress this enough.  Look into this early if possible.  When all else fails and you realize you have an emergency facial hair situation...at least get a recommendation from someone you trust!  Too many things can go wrong!
  3. DON'T do any facial waxing  or major facial hair removal within 36-48 hours before the wedding!  Even from someone you trust.  Anything can happen...it's just a bad idea. :)
In general, when we are stressed out, extra emotional or lacking sleep...our skin reacts.  So do NOT assume your skin will behave as usual during the final wedding countdown.  :)  Try to have all your major beauty decisions tested and finalized prior to the week before the wedding.  Then treat your skin with care as you plug your way through the final stretch before the big day!!!  
Wondering about Bridal BeautyDO's and DON'Ts for hair, nails and body??  Look for those soon!!

Your Bridal Beauty "Emergency Kit" for touch ups!!

Brides OFTEN ask me..."What should I bring with me on my wedding day for touch ups??"  Whether you've hired a makeup artist or are doing your own makeup, you'll want to have a couple of things in your clutch or handbag that you carry with you for the rest of the day.  Not carrying a handbag?  Have a super duper "EMERGENCY KIT" for the whole wedding party!  Put one of your girls in charge of keeping it handy throughout the day!  :)
This is for sure...no matter the quality of the long-wearing products either you or your makeup artist is using, there will be moments after tears or stress or eating and dancing when you want to take a minute or two to freshen up your beautiful face!!  Remember...even though you've gotten through your most formal and "important" pictures of the day, cameras will be flashing throughout the night!  You'll want to look and feel your best right up until the moment when you and your groom make your exit!! 
Here are my suggestions for must-haves in your handbag for easy touch-ups and makeup emergencies...after your makeup artist has left the building...:)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer1. Concealer - one that matches your skin tone - use this to touch up under your eyes when  they begin to look tired as the day goes on...:)  Have it there to cover up any UN-invited guests on your skin like blemishes or redness that might pop up out of nowhere or fix your eyes if you get emotional!!! If you have only ONE MAKEUP ITEM in your bag, this should be it!
2. LIP COLOR -  Whether it's the same lip product your makeup artist used at the beginning of the day or just your favorite lip gloss, have something to pop on quickly when you you run to the ladies room!! Even a gloss will help keep you looking fresh ALL night!
3. Powder - especially if you're really oily or it's summer!!!  *Important*- make sure it's photo-friendly!!  Not all powders are created equally!! 
4. Blotting Sheets -For those with extra oily skin or for summer months! Your face can only take so many layers of powder! :)
5. Mascara - just in case you think you'll shed a lot of tears! Good to have a little one on hand just in case! :)  Use a sample mascara or one that isn't super clumpy in case you have to use it more than once!
6. For your hair...bobby pins, travel sized hairspray, a comb or pick
7. Other "stuff" - safety pins, tissues
I could go on and on with suggestions for your all day/night emergency kit, but these are the must-haves for everyone!!  The ingredients for your "emergency kit" will depend on the hairstyle and makeup look you have!!  If you have a super dramatic eye or bold lip, you may need other products in your handbag...but this list should get you started! :)  Talk with your makeup artist or hairstylist about what products you'll need on hand in case of a makeup or hair emergency late in the day!! 

:) Happy planning and no matter what - ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Spring Specials and Discounts just added!

A few openings remain on my Spring calendar! So...I'm excited to share some Spring Specials with you!
March, April and May Makeup Specials!!
See my new tab on the left for regularly updated specials on Makeup Artist Services!!! 
Specials for BRIDES and
PROM Packages
Don't Delay...dates and times will fill up fast!! 
For more information email me at jcurtis@PolishedandPretty.com or
call 319-558-6633
to check on availability or to book your event today!!!

Quick Tips - Brows

Quick Tip #1 - Brows...
When you're preparing for a big event, important pictures or your wedding day, one thing is very important...BROWS! Even if you've never thought about them before, don't be scared...nows the time. 
Here are my QUICK tips and reminders to make sure you have beautiful brows that frame your face and NOT a last minute disaster! 
1. Start early...think about them a few months ahead of a big event (wedding) or pictures so that you have time to grow them out and reshape if necessary. Ha! Yes, I said grow them out...
2. DON'T over-tweeze!
3. Ask for referrals. If you have them professionally shaped, get a recommendation and go EARLY!  This is too important to just go anywhere.
4. Do final shaping (tweezing or waxing as needed) at least 3 days before your big event...this will prevent redness and difficulties applying makeup to that area on the big day! 
5. Use a powder or brow pencil to fill in "patchy spots" on your brows and give them more defined shape.  Light srokes...Practice, Practice, Practice!! 
6. Dust with a transluscent powder over the top to soften the look of a brow pencil at the end. 
A nicely shaped brow will help complete your polished look for the day!!  Let me know how it goes!!! What questions do you have?