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Beauty Bargains

Yellow Nail Color - A Summer Beauty Trend

My new obsession?? The color YELLOW!  Yep.  You've probably heard me whining already about the constant clouds and rain here lately...resulting in a lack of big bright YELLOW things in the sky!!  :)  Since about Easter weekend, my current color obsession has turned to yellow!!  I pulled out a brightly colored yellow satin top for Easter celebrations and have been hooked ever since!! 

Apparently I am not alone in this need for yellow in my life, as I see it popping up in beauty everywhere!! (I even bought a yellow eyeliner yesterday at ULTA!!)  One of the first places I noticed it was at Chanel in nails!  Now I don't mean gold...I mean YELLOW
Chanel is featuring a limited edition nail color in a bright pretty yellow as part of their Summer 2011 Collection
Summer Beauty Trend - Yellow Nails
Chanel's La Vernis Nail Colour in Mimosa retails for $25 at Chanel.com or at retailers who carry Chanel like VonMaur!  I am in love with this!  BUT, because I KNOW I will get tired quickly of a trendy color like this - $25 is a lot to spend for me! GOOD NEWS!  I found an almost PERFECT dupe - Check it out!! 
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in #27 Mellow Yellow!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color in #27 Mellow Yellow
Retails at CVS and Walgreens for $2.99 reg. price I purchased mine Sunday and here's a picture of the finished nails!!!  I LOVE THEM! So fun and bright!  The color is almost exact!

For pictures of the nail colors from Chanel and Sally Hansen - Click here to go to the rest of my blog!! :)
Hmmmm....what fun color to do next???  Suggestions?!?!  :)  Happy Monday all!  xoxo, Jessica

New Favorite Beauty Tools - Ardell Brow Grooming

I had to share one of my new favorite beauty tools...the Ardell Grooming Tools!!  These are AWESOME to have on hand in your cosmetics bag or your makeup kit (if you're a makeup artist)!  I found mine next to the Ardell False Lashes at CVS Pharmacy, so they are SUPER easy to find AND very inexpensive!  I paid $4.99 for mine...but I just checked out the CVS Pharmacy website and they're even on SALE now!!! WHAT??  
These are like super mini disposable razors for wherever you might need a little facial hair maintenance...heehee!  I like to use mine for the little fuzzies that grow above (and between) my brows that are hard to see and tweeze.  I don't like to have my brows waxed and usually maintain my brows with just tweezers, so these tools help get those little fuzzy guys that drive me nuts!!  It is just what I needed to get that perfectly defined brow!

Now...this tool is VERY safe - it's not as sharp as a typical razor would be.  That's a good thing!  But, that means that it's not going to take the place of your tweezers. This tool will not remove the thicker more coarse brows (like the one's under my arch that I tweeze allllll the time). 
So don't throw out your tweezers!!! BUT...I love this tool for quick little fuzzy touch ups around the brow (and even lip) area as needed!!  Makeup artists...keep these in your kit for quick fixes on the job!!  Happy Brow Shaping all!! 


FREE SHIPPING on your Makeup and Beauty Buys

Did you know that you can find FREE Shipping for your makeup, skincare, and all your other beauty must-haves?!?!  Thought it would be fun to see where and when the FREE SHIPPING on all your cosmetics goodies kicks in!!  So....I've compiled a list!!  My plan will be to update this for you on a regular basis as it changes, etc... Here's what I've got to get you started!!  Hope it's helpful! And as always - if you have a beauty bargain secret I don't know about - PLEASE pass along here!! :)
  • Smashbox -FREE Shipping on any US order!!! "Free Shipping on every order every time!" Whoa...
  • Von Maur - FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS! "Von Maur offers FREE FedEx Home Delivery shipping anywhere in the United States. No matter how much you spend or where you send it, shipping is on us" WOW!!
  • e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) - FREE Shipping with any $25 order + Choose 10 FREE products of choice. HURRY this one ends 4/18/11
  • Tarte Cosmetics - FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 & up!
A $50 Purchase seems to be the magical cut-off for FREE Shipping. Click here or on the link below to see the list of those places where you can find FREE Shipping with your $50 cosmetics or beauty purchase...and a convenient link to get to them!
I'll do my best to keep you posted on updates, shipping discounts and all around BEAUTY BARGAINS as I find them!! GOOD LUCK!!   :)

xoxo, Jessica