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5 Easy Steps to Making Your Eyes Pop

One of the most common questions I get asked is what the easiest steps are to making your eyes pop!!  Here are my TOP FIVE tips and tricks for using makeup to enhance your eyes!!! 
1. USE A BASE! I like to use a concealer as a base before applying any color to the eye area! There are a million options out there, so find the one that works for you!! Wether using an "eyeshadow base" or a concealer as your base, this is not a step you'll want to skip!!! My favorite one is Estee Lauder's Double Wear Concealer!! This one goes on smoothly, a little goes a long way and it's super long lasting and sweat proof!!  Apply it across the entire lid area and into the inside corner of your eye. This will help eliminate darkness and discoloration in the eye area, make eyeshadow go on smoother. In general - this step will make all other steps for your eyes 10 times easier!!!!  I PROMISE!Using a concealer as an eyeshadow base!
(By the way...using an eye creme under your eye MIXED with that same concealer is a killer trick for minimizing that tired look mid-day!!)
2. MASCARA - Simply using a mascara - IN BLACK will make all the difference in defining your eyes!
3. Line your eyes, but try something new! Instead of using a traditional eye pencil or a liquid to line your eyes, try using a good quality eyeshadow.  This will require a good angled brush! (I will be blogging about my favorite makeup brushes soon, but for the record...this one is #1) This brush is usually called an eyeliner or eyebrow brush.  It needs to be pretty thin, dense, and angled to work.  For more intensity with the eyeshadow color, wet the brush slightly before dabbing the eyeshadow!!  Dab your brush in the corner of your eyeshadow pot so you don't damage the eyeshadow.  :)  When you apply the color - focus your efforts on the outside corner of your eye.  Use less color on the inside of the eye.  For EXTRA DRAMA...use the same technique to line the bottom...again keeping the color focused towards the outside!!!  Practice this technique and it will pay off!!!  Using this method to line your eyes will be easier than a pencil and last longer!! 
4. Eyeshadow color - Using colors that are opposite your eye color will make them pop!  For example, if you have blue eyes - use warm colors - browns, coppers, golds, etc... If you have a warmer eye color like brown eyes- use blues, silvers, greys, etc. for more impact. 
5. BROWS!!! If I'm in a hurry, I will skip eyeliner, eyeshadow, even mascara EVERY TIME before I skip BROWS!!  I don't mean go tweezer happy people!!  Eliminating your brows all together is not the idea.  But, a simple shaping from a professional followed by regular maintenance will change your look and make applying your makeup easier!!  When applying your makeup, going in with the right color for brows to gently fill in gaps and "clean them up" a bit will TOTALLY enhance your look and brighten your eyes EVERY TIME!!!  If you've never tried this - give it  a shot!!  It's another simple step that will MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!
There's a lot here, so leave me questions if you have them!!!!

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Improve your eye health on Sunday, October 7, 2012 3:25 AM
Very useful and informative article!! Eyes are the most precious parts of human body. Every thing is blind without eyes. I think the entire person should follow your brilliant instruction which is better for our vision. Please keep it up and go ahead.
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botox gold coast on Friday, December 14, 2012 2:16 AM
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Gisselle Kira on Monday, November 5, 2012 1:05 AM
Nice tips baby! This is really some nice tips you have given to make our eyes pop because I have already used your tips. So thanks for sharing this nice tips. keep it up!
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